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Steps for an Employer Sponsor Visa

Employer sponsored visas may either be temporary or permanent visas.
These visas involve two (2) or three (3) main stages depending on visas chosen, and these
stages can be prepared and completed concurrently, but lodgement must occur in the above order.


Business Sponsorship

Standard or Accredited
The sponsor employer must show lawful and active business operations.


The sponsor employer must nominate a foreign skilled worker and justify the nomination for employment in areas of the market salary rate and employment terms by reference to the local labour market.


Visa Application

The nominees must demonstrate their skills, qualifications and English language proficiency.

Industry Experience with Employer Sponsor Visas

Disability Support

Building and Construction




Professional Services

Information Technology & Computer Engineering

Government and Public Agencies

Why engage Migration Agents for Australia Work Visas?

The visa process can not only be time consuming, but highly risky if you do not have the expertise. We will be your affordable solution without compromising professional excellence. Trust us, and let us look after your immigration needs so that you can divert those resources to and focus on your business activities. 

Our Corporate Migration Services provide migration services tailored to your organization so that your business can continue to focus on your core activities. We strive to be strategic with all businesses so that working with Visa Plan Lawyers would be competitive advantages over others who engage different firms. We can provide migration services comprehensively or selectively on an “ad hoc” basis for your immigration needs, for example, audit and review of certain matters.

With a structural labour shortage to meet the level of demand by the Australia economy, it is common that Australian businesses source necessary talents for their needs from foreign workers.

Our corporate immigration clients therefore come to us for advice on a range of Australian visas and immigration issues. Some businesses may have limited knowledge of the Australian migration system or specific Australian visas. It may be that the business is looking to employ someone on a visa or has identified a person outside of Australia they would like to recruit but they don’t know how to start the process. In these situations, we advise the business on potential visa options and the business implications of those visas. Whatever the situation is, we are able to confidently advise our corporate immigration clients on their migration needs, taking into account their unique business requirements.

We help businesses with all their Australian immigration requirements, allowing them to strategies their workforce and remain compliant with immigration laws.

    • We assist busy HR professionals and other business leaders to deal with complex immigration issues.
    • As immigration specialists, we help alleviate the stress involved with navigating Australian immigration law.
    • We’re conscious of the business risks involved in getting things wrong, including civil action, reputational damage, and labour force shortages.
    • It’s our job to make sure we’re across all the latest legislative and regulatory changes, so you don’t have to be.
    • We work hard to build close professional relationships with our corporate clients, so you know our help is only ever a phone call or email away.
    • We are a technology-driven paperless firm. Sending, receiving, and signing of documents is all done electronically and securely through our online portal, which can be accessed any time.

Why Visa Plan as your Employer Sponsor Visa?

Professional Credentials

Our Principal Solicitor was formerly a Legal Advisor for the Australian Federal Government where he advised various agencies. This being translated to our credentials, Visa Plan Lawyers can handle complex matters and win against the Government.

Collective Experience

With our robust knowledge sharing system, we combine professional experience of our lawyers together. With this collective experience, Visa Plan Lawyers have been achieving optimal outcomes for our clients.

Nil Human Error

However experienced, knowledgeable and passionate you are, human errors may be inevitable. At Visa Plan, our lawyers work in a team of two (2), providing the unique safety net of having two (2) sets of eyes to your matter at all times.

Fixed Fee Promise

The fee stated in your services agreement is the final amount to be paid by you to us until the agreed result is achieved. It will not vary, meaning you will receive top quality services without any nasty surprises.

High Success Rate

Visa Plan Lawyers appreciate the importance of visas to people's lives as most of our lawyers have personally experienced the process. With the intuitive appreciation, we treat each matter as our our, achieving a high success rate that is beyond many others in the industry.

Client Satisfaction

We are proud to maintain a five (5) star rating on Google, attesting our focus on client satisfaction. We suggest that you check verifiable third-party sources as a form of due diligence.

Recognized by Media and Government

Visa Plan Lawyers have appeared on many publications of the media and Governments as a trusted authority in the realm of Australian migration law. This shows our domestic and international recognition for our expertise in Australian migration law.

Working with Names You Know

The clients of Visa Plan include businesses and individuals of great renown. These include Olympic medallists, billionaires, major charities, global corporations and their senior executives, and the local businesses you may often encounter in your localities.

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