Update on 408 Covid Visa

Effective from 1 February 2024, the Australian government has announced the closure of the COVID-19 Pandemic event stream under the Temporary Activity (subclass 408) visa. This change is formalized through the Migration – COVID-19 Pandemic Event for Temporary Activity (subclass 408 visa) Repeal Instrument 2024. As a result of this instrument,

  • The COVID-19 pandemic will no longer be recognized as a specified event for the purposes of a Subclass 408 Temporary Visa in the Australian Government Endorsed Event stream under Regulation 408.229(b) of Schedule 2 to the Migration Regulations.
  • This repeal also signifies the termination of LIN 22/046, which previously governed the COVID-19 related provisions for this visa category.

Please note that all applications for the Subclass 408 visa under the COVID-19 Pandemic event stream will not be accepted beyond 1 February 2024.


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