New Horizon for Indian Chefs for Australian Migration by VETASSESS

New Horizon for Indian Chefs for Australian Migration by VETASSESS

Culinary Bridge from India to Australia

VETASSESS, in collaboration with Tourism Training Australia (TTA) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enriching Australia’s hospitality sector with skilled Indian chefs. This partnership introduces a streamlined skilled migration pathway, specifically designed to connect Australian employers with top-tier culinary talent from India, addressing the significant demand for skilled chefs across the nation.


Pathway to Culinary Success

This innovative program streamlines the process for Australian businesses to find and hire qualified Indian chefs. VETASSESS leads the effort, offering expert assessments of applicants’ skills and professional backgrounds, ensuring that Australia’s hospitality industry benefits from the highest standards of culinary expertise.


Tech-Driven Connections

To facilitate these new opportunities, Tourism Training Australia provides an advanced job portal, directly linking Australian employers with prospective Indian culinary talents. Meanwhile, the CII is set to prepare Indian chefs for their Australian journey, assisting with visa applications and offering support throughout the process.


Boosting Confidence Among Employers

The introduction of this pathway is a response to Australia’s acute shortage of skilled hospitality workers. Rob Thomason of VETASSESS highlighted the program’s role in assuring Australian employers of the high qualifications and experience levels of Indian chefs, bridging the gap between talent demand and supply.


Empowering Indian Chefs

This initiative not only opens doors for Australian employers but also guarantees Indian chefs that their skills and qualifications will be recognized and valued in Australia. It aims to remove barriers for Indian chefs, ensuring they can confidently contribute to and grow within Australia’s renowned hospitality landscape.


Elevating the Dining Experience

The infusion of skilled Indian chefs is set to enhance Australia’s culinary scene, known globally for its quality and innovation. This move aligns with Australia’s reputation as a premier destination for food enthusiasts, promising an enriched dining experience for both locals and visitors.


Tourism Training Australia

For decades, Tourism Training Australia has played a pivotal role in shaping a responsive and effective training framework for the tourism and hospitality industry, connecting training providers, industry leaders, and government bodies to foster excellence.


Confederation of Indian Industry

The Confederation of Indian Industry champions the development of India by facilitating partnerships across industry sectors, government, and civil society, driving growth and innovation.

This partnership heralds a new era for Australia’s culinary landscape, welcoming Indian chefs to contribute their expertise and flair, further establishing Australia as a top culinary destination.




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