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As one of the most livable countries, millions of people around the globe wish to migrate to Australia. Whether it is to provide an optimal environment for your children, access to high paying jobs or a safe and clean environment, there are numerous advantages to living in Australia.

Australian economy and society is largely dependent on immigrants, and most importantly Australia welcomes immigrants who can make valuable and positive contributions. If you would like to check your eligibility, you should talk to our Perth Migration Agents.


Migrating to Perth

Here are some popular pathways to obtain an Australian visa with assistance of our Perth Migration Agents.


Investor Visa

This is by far the easiest option if you have a considerable amount of wealth, that is $2.5 million if you are under 55 years old, or $5 million if you are over 55 years old. You would need to prove with evidence how you have earned this wealth.


Family Visa

You may consider various visas under the family stream depending on your relationship with an Australian citizen and/ or permanent resident. If you have an Australian partner, you may consider a prospective marriage visa, or a partner visa. If your child or children are Australians, you may apply for contributory parent visas or contributory aged parent visas. Additionally, there are child and adoption visas as well.


Global Talent Visa

If you are highly skilled in one of the following sectors, you may consider a Subclass 858 Global Talent visa:

  • Resources
  • Agricultural Food and Technology
  • Energy
  • Health Industries
  • Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space
  • Circular Economy
  • Digital Technology
  • Infrastructure and Tourism
  • Financial Services and FinTech
  • Education

Please note that a high threshold applies to this pathway, requiring that you prove your ability to earn at least $160,000 AUD per year in the role.


Skilled Visa

If you have a skill set and attributes that are highly desirable and competitive, you may lodge an expression of interest to apply for one of the many Australian skilled visas. In doing so, you would need competent English and a positive skills assessment for your occupation.


Employer Sponsored Visa

If you have an employer in Australia who is willing to sponsor you for a work visa and your occupation is in one of the prescribed lists, you may consider an employer sponsored visa which include any of the following visas:

Please note that we do not render services in finding a willing sponsor for any individual.


We strongly advise that you consult immigration lawyers in Perth to discuss your potential pathways to determine a visa that is applicable to you.

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