LIN 24/043 – English Language Exemptions for Subclass 500 Student Visa

LIN 24/043 modifies the Migration Regulations 1994, particularly focusing on English language requirements for student visas under Clause 500.213.


Schedule 2 to the Migration Regulations – Clause 500.213

Under the existing framework, the Australian Migration Regulations 1994, specifically Schedule 2, Clause 500.213, dictate the criteria for student visa applications in relation to the provision of English language evidence. These regulations are designed to ensure that visas are granted to genuine students who possess a certain level of English proficiency or higher.


LIN 24/043 English Language Tests and Evidence Exemptions for Subclass 500 (Student) Visa

The newly introduced LIN 24/043 specification marks a pivotal update to these regulations. It specifically addresses the eligibility and application process for students enrolled in pathway programs—preparatory courses that students undertake prior to their principal educational courses in Australia.


Utility of LIN 24/043 in Modifying the Current Law

LIN 24/043 simplifies the transition between preparatory courses and principal courses. More specifically, if you are enrolled in one of the specified preparatory courses, you are not required to produce the usual requirements for English language evidence.

 CRICOS Course CodeCourse NameUniversity Name
10100739Diploma of Business StudiesCharles Darwin University
20100740Diploma of Information TechnologyCharles Darwin University
3087938GDiploma of Arts & Creative IndustriesCurtin University
4087939GDiploma of Built EnvironmentCurtin University
5087940CDiploma of CommerceCurtin University
6087941BDiploma of EngineeringCurtin University
7087943MDiploma of Information TechnologyCurtin University
8063386MDiploma of BusinessDeakin University
9022637CDiploma of CommerceDeakin University
10097893MDiploma of CommunicationDeakin University
11097892ADiploma of Construction ManagementDeakin University
12097895JDiploma of DesignDeakin University
13063385ADiploma of EngineeringDeakin University
14097894KDiploma of Film, Television and AnimationDeakin University
15059996GDiploma of Health SciencesDeakin University
16097891BDiploma of Information TechnologyDeakin University
17063387KDiploma of ScienceDeakin University
18092032GDiploma of CommerceEdith Cowan University
19092033GDiploma of Communications and Creative IndustriesEdith Cowan University
20103337GDiploma of Health ScienceEdith Cowan University
21092034FDiploma of Hotel ManagementEdith Cowan University
220100511Diploma of Performing Arts (Music)Edith Cowan University
23092035EDiploma of Science (Computing/IT)Edith Cowan University
24092036DDiploma of Science (Engineering Studies)Edith Cowan University
25092037CDiploma of Science (Health Studies)Edith Cowan University
26109402KGC1 – Diploma of Information Technology (Higher Education)Federation University Australia
27109280DDiploma in Creative IndustriesFlinders University
28109281CDiploma in EngineeringFlinders University
29109282BDiploma in HealthFlinders University
30088633FDiploma of Business StudiesFlinders University
31088634EDiploma of Computing and Information Technology StudiesFlinders University
32076172GDiploma of EngineeringFlinders University
33109014MDiploma of BusinessGriffith University
34082070GDiploma of Criminology and Criminal JusticeGriffith University
35111385KDiploma of DesignGriffith University
36070423GDiploma of EngineeringGriffith University
37075188GDiploma of Health SciencesGriffith University
38026675JDiploma of Information TechnologyGriffith University
39109015KDiploma of International Tourism and Hotel ManagementGriffith University
40092487KDiploma of ScienceGriffith University
41092486MDiploma of Social & Psychological ScienceGriffith University
42076108DDiploma of BusinessLa Trobe University
43113881MDiploma of Business AnalyticsLa Trobe University
44114033KDiploma of CybersecurityLa Trobe University
45076109CDiploma of Information TechnologyLa Trobe University
46113489HDiploma of BusinessMurdoch University
47081618FDiploma in BusinessQueensland University of Technology
48081617GDiploma in Creative IndustriesQueensland University of Technology
49086329GDiploma in EngineeringQueensland University of Technology
50094986GDiploma in Health ScienceQueensland University of Technology
51081616GDiploma in Information TechnologyQueensland University of Technology
52107881FDiploma of BusinessRMIT University
53105817HDiploma of Graphic DesignRMIT University
54110709CDiploma of NursingRMIT University
55110709CDiploma of NursingRMIT University
56107883DDiploma of Screen and Media (Content Creation)RMIT University
570100351Diploma of Hotel ManagementSouthern Cross University
580101136Diploma of HealthSouthern Cross University
59079231KDiploma of BusinessSouthern Cross University
60086408JDiploma of ScienceSouthern Cross University
61111198BDiploma of Information TechnologySouthern Cross University
62111853JDiploma of EngineeringSouthern Cross University
63112794GDiploma of EducationSouthern Cross University
64102590BDiploma of Arts and Social SciencesSouthern Cross University
65086030EDiploma of BusinessSouthern Cross University
66114987DDiploma of Conveyancing (Law and Practice)Southern Cross University
67111197CDiploma of Regenerative AgricultureSouthern Cross University
68089744BDiploma of Arts and Communication (UniLink)Swinburne University of Technology
69085473GDiploma of Business (UniLink)Swinburne University of Technology
70085471KDiploma of Design (UniLink)Swinburne University of Technology
71112999EUniLink Bridging ProgramSwinburne University of Technology
72088633FDiploma of Business Studies (2yr program)University of Adelaide
73088634EDiploma of Computing and Information Technology StudiesUniversity of Adelaide
74076172GDiploma of EngineeringUniversity of Adelaide
75086314DDegree Transfer Program Accelerated – BusinessUniversity of Adelaide
76087624DDegree Transfer Program Extended – BusinessUniversity of Adelaide
77087625CDegree Transfer Program Extended – Computer ScienceUniversity of Adelaide
78087626BDegree Transfer Program Extended – EngineeringUniversity of Adelaide
790101444Degree Transfer Program Extended – Information TechnologyUniversity of Adelaide
80087627ADegree Transfer Program Extended – ScienceUniversity of Adelaide
81086313EDegree Transfer Program Standard – BusinessUniversity of Adelaide
82086315CDegree Transfer Program Standard – Computer ScienceUniversity of Adelaide
83086316BDegree Transfer Program Standard – EngineeringUniversity of Adelaide
840101441Degree Transfer Program Standard – Information TechnologyUniversity of Adelaide
85086317ADegree Transfer Program Standard – ScienceUniversity of Adelaide
86070210KDiploma of BusinessUniversity of Canberra
87062888GDiploma of CommunicationUniversity of Canberra
88076136MDiploma of DesignUniversity of Canberra
89090071FDiploma of HealthUniversity of Canberra
90070213GDiploma of Information TechnologyUniversity of Canberra
91074935GDiploma of ScienceUniversity of Canberra
92113050FDegree Transfer ArchitectureUniversity of Newcastle
93104604GDegree Transfer BusinessUniversity of Newcastle
94104606EDegree transfer CommerceUniversity of Newcastle
95113058JDegree Transfer Construction ManagementUniversity of Newcastle
96104608CDegree Transfer EngineeringUniversity of Newcastle
97113051EDegree Transfer Extended ArchitectureUniversity of Newcastle
98104605FDegree Transfer Extended BusinessUniversity of Newcastle
99104607DDegree transfer Extended CommerceUniversity of Newcastle
100113052DDegree Transfer Extended Construction ManagementUniversity of Newcastle
101104609BDegree Transfer Extended EngineeringUniversity of Newcastle
102104611HDegree Transfer Extended ITUniversity of Newcastle
103114397DDegree Transfer Extended Media and CommunicationUniversity of Newcastle
104104610JDegree Transfer ITUniversity of Newcastle
105114391KDegree Transfer Media and CommunicationUniversity of Newcastle
106081516ADiploma of ArtsUniversity of South Australia
107081517MDiploma of BusinessUniversity of South Australia
108088633FDiploma of Business StudiesUniversity of South Australia
109088634EDiploma of Computing and Information Technology StudiesUniversity of South Australia
110076172GDiploma of EngineeringUniversity of South Australia
111081519JDiploma of EngineeringUniversity of South Australia
112081520EDiploma of Information TechnologyUniversity of South Australia
1130100203International First Year Diploma – BusinessUniversity of Tasmania
1140100205International First Year Diploma – ScienceUniversity of Tasmania
115112658DDiploma of Animation Production (Extended)University of Technology Sydney
116080142ADiploma of Business (Extended)University of Technology Sydney
117080143MDiploma of Communication (Extended)University of Technology Sydney
118080144KDiploma of Design and Architecture (Extended)University of Technology Sydney
119080145JDiploma of Engineering (Extended)University of Technology Sydney
120080146GDiploma of Information Technology (Extended)University of Technology Sydney
121080147GDiploma of Science (Extended)University of Technology Sydney
122107425HDiploma in Commerce – 12 MonthsUniversity of Western Australia
123111079JDiploma in Computer and Data Science – 12 MonthsUniversity of Western Australia
124112405CDiploma in Engineering – 14 MonthsUniversity of Western Australia
125112406BDiploma in Engineering – 10 MonthsUniversity of Western Australia
126057234MDiploma of Information Technology (3 Session)University of Wollongong
1270101925Diploma of Engineering (3 Session)University of Wollongong
128057232BDiploma of Business (3 Session)University of Wollongong
129108966DDiploma in ArtsWestern Sydney University
130096800GDiploma in BusinessWestern Sydney University
131097252MDiploma in Business – 2 Term AcceleratedWestern Sydney University
132096999JDiploma in Design Extended Graphic Design
(Pathway to Teaching Secondary)
Western Sydney University
133096975FDiploma in ArtsWestern Sydney University
134096993DDiploma in Arts Extended Pathway to Teaching SecondaryWestern Sydney University


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