Common Reasons for NSW 190 Nomination Refusal

The reasons for NSW 190 nomination

Prior to the submission of your New South Wales (NSW) 190 nomination application, it is critical to ensure that you satisfy all the NSW eligibility criteria. Failure to meet any of these eligibility criteria could result in the rejection of your nomination application. Frequently encountered grounds for such rejection encompass the following:


Residency Requirement

To qualify for NSW 190 nomination, applicants must satisfy the residency requirement:

  • in NSW and have continuously resided in NSW for a minimum period of six (6) months; or
  • offshore and have continuously resided offshore for a minimum period of six (6) months

If you do not meet this criterion, your nomination application will be declined.


Skilled Employment Claims

The eligibility to claim skilled employment for NSW nomination depends on specific NSW criteria. Here are the criteria for claiming skilled employment:

  1. Skills Assessor’s Date: You may only claim skilled employment from the date your skills assessor officially recognizes your skills, provided that this date is explicitly mentioned in your skills assessment.
  2. Qualifying Study Completion Date: In case your skills assessor does not specify this date, you can only claim skilled employment from the date you completed your qualifying study.

If you declare employment in your Expression of Interest (EOI) before meeting the criteria mentioned above, you will not be eligible to accept an invitation to apply for NSW nomination. For specific guidelines, please refer to the ‘Common Questions About Skilled Visas’.


Points Claimed

It is essential to provide evidence demonstrating your eligibility to claim all points in your SkillSelect EOI on the day you received the invitation to apply. Failure to do so may lead to the refusal of your nomination application. To check your points, please refer to the ‘Australian Skilled Visa Points Test‘.


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