Canberra Matrix 2024

Canberra Matrix 2024

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has revised the minimum points required under its “Canberra Matrix” for several occupations for the 2023-24 Invitation Round. This applies to both Canberra residents and overseas applicants.


High Point Requirements for Select Occupations:

A primary feature of the ACT Invitation Round for 2023-24 is the establishment of stringent point requirements for specific occupations. Strong demand exists in Canberra for professionals across a diverse range of fields. To ensure the selection of the most qualified candidates, elevated Canberra Matrix point thresholds have been set for certain occupations. Occupations with three or more of the four categories exceeding 100 points are as follows:

Canberra ResidentOverseas Applicants
Finance Managers (ANZSCO Code: 132211)11012580110
Cafe and Restaurant Managers (ANZSCO Code: 141111)10512095100
Accountants (ANZSCO Code: 221111)145150125130
Human Resource Professionals (ANZSCO Code: 223111)65100100105
Industrial, Mechanical, and Production Engineers (ANZSCO Code: 233512)85100110115
Civil Engineering Professionals (ANZSCO Code: 2332)95100105110
Primary School Teachers (ANZSCO Code: 241213)65100100105
Registered Nurses (ANZSCO Code: 2544)10011090110
Contract, Program and Project Administrators (ANZSCO Code: 5111)110115110125

Checking Your Eligibility

To ascertain your eligibility for the 2023-24 ACT Invitation Round, visit the official Canberra Matrix to accurately evaluate your point score.


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