Why Use a Registered Migration Agent?

Why Use a Registered Migration Agent?

Friends and family members can give plenty of useful advice when it comes to deciding whether or not to migrate, but legal advice should come from expert migration solicitors only. But why should it matter, since Australia’s laws on migration are in black and white for all to see? 

Well, there is plenty of bad advice going around. Everything from visa lottery scams to human trafficking – a worldwide problem – often starts out with reliable-sounding advice and perhaps in some cases good intentions, too. In the end, however, Australia’s rigorous control of her borders leaves many disappointed and frustrated due to unreliable or outright false advice. Here’s why you should use a migration lawyer:


Save Time and Money

Browsing through Australia’s rules and laws on migration and visas is a time-consuming process. A huge benefit to the general public is that the internet makes almost everything readily available from around the world, but there’s just so much to consider that it really isn’t time efficient to apply without professional assistance.

Migration solicitors charge a fee to help you arrange and complete your visa application so that it’s done right the first time. In the long run, however, this saves you time and money since you can be confident that your application will be prepared correctly the first time.

The service offered by Visa Plan helps you focus on more important things, whilst also minimizing the chances of requiring a new application or prejudicing your prospects of migration to Australia.


Obtain a Professional Legal Opinion

If your neighbour or a work colleague has been trying to convince you to move to Australia for this reason or that, they may attempt to advise you on the best way to achieve such ends. Bad advice, rumours, shortcuts, or tricks to fool the government into giving you a visa, however, just won’t work, and may even seriously prejudice your chances of ever settling in Australia.

Law firms are permitted to grant legal advice pertaining to the application process of visas to Australia, so disregard whatever you may have heard on social media or amongst friends and instead consult a professional migration lawyer to get a valid legal opinion on your case.


We Act On Your Behalf

Chances are you’re still in your country of origin when applying for a visa to Australia, so if your application requires a court or review authority to review your application, you’ll want to have a good representative within Australia to act on your behalf. This is a major area of focus for migration law firms since they can handle your application from start to finish, obtaining a thorough understanding of your circumstances.


What Can Migration Lawyers and Agents NOT Do?

Obviously, it’s good to know how migration lawyers can help you, but it’s also good to know the limits of their assistance, since many fraudulent service providers often make false claims.

Migration solicitors and agents cannot:

    • Influence the outcome of a decision made by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs;
    • Fast-track your visa application: ultimately, all applications are handled by the government at their own pace;
    • Make a guarantee on the outcome of your visa: while migration agents and lawyers can find ways to ensure that your visa application is correct and thoroughly completed, they cannot and should not make any guarantees since this is beyond their remit.
  • Find an employer sponsor: A solicitor or migration agent should not act as a recruitment agent. Accepting such an arrangement from a purported migration agent may leave you exposed to labour exploitation or worse. 

Visa Plan Lawyers

Applying for a visa is made all the easier when you choose Visa Plan for your Australian visa application. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our professional services.


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