Student Visa Refusal

The key interest of the AAT is whether you genuinely intend to stay temporarily for the purpose of completing the enrolled studies in Australia. The AAT would and must consider: 

  • Your circumstances 
  • Your immigration history 
  • Any other relevant matter 

The references will be made by the AAT to the following factors: 

  • Reasons for not undertaking the study in your home country 
  • Information about ties to your home country that would encourage your return, for example: 
    • Evidence of properties or assets held in home country 
    • Evidence of immediate family members and any dependants in your home country
    • Evidence of current or proposed employment in home country and intention to return or commence that employment 
    • Return ticket to your home country 
  • Confirmation of your enrolment in an educational institution 
  • Evidence of your past study 
  • Information about the relevance of the course to your past or proposed future employment
  • Information that explains any gaps in your study history or a failure to complete studies, such as medical reports that you have been unwell or have a physical or mental illness that may have impacted your studies 
  • Information from other people who can confirm or support your case 
  • Evidence that explains why specific information in the Department decision is incorrect
  • Any other information or documents that prove your circumstances 


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