Partner Visa Refusal

The primary concern of the AAT is to decide whether or not you are in a spousal or de-factor relationship with the sponsor of your application under the rules of the Migration Regulations 1994. In other words, the AAT must be satisfied that your relationship is genuine and ongoing. References will be made to the following factors: 

  • Mutual commitment to a shared life together, to the exclusion of all others 
  • Physical cohabitation 
  • Validity of marriage, and recognition and acceptance of the de facto relationship by people around you 

Numerous documents can be helpful in establishing that the relationship is satisfactory for migration purposes. At the bare minimum you will most likely need to provide: 

  • Statement that is signed by you about your circumstances 
  • Proof of joint financial arrangements, such as bank statements, real estate details, wills, loans, bills, superannuation documents 
  • Household arrangements, such as living arrangements and distribution of housework 
  • Timeline of significant events that have occurred in the relationship 
  • Evidence of significant events, such as photos of engagement ceremony, wedding reception, honeymoon, etc 
  • Evidence of other significant events, such as itineraries and receipts for joint travel 
  • Proof of ongoing contact over the period of your relationship, such as emails, phone calls, letters, chat history, video conferencing 
  • Certified birth certificates and evidence of joint responsibility for any children of the relationship 
  • Evidence that you present yourself as a couple socially, such as joint invitations to social activities or photographs of you in social situations 
  • Evidence that explains why specific information in the Department decision is incorrect 


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