Nomination Refusal

If a related visa application has been refused due to nomination refusal, a review of that visa refusal must be lodged to the AAT. With respect to the visa application, the AAT can and will only decide whether the requirements for a nomination application are satisfied at the time of its decision. There is abundance of more documents to be provided to the AAT, but at the absolute minimum you will most likely need to provide: 

  • ASIC business name extract (current and historical) 
  • Sponsorship evidence or work agreement for migration purposes 
  • Business tax returns, financial statements that include a detailed profit and loss statement and balance sheet, and business activity statements 
  • Current organizational structure chart (including current and proposed employees, and their position titles and resident status) 
  • Roles and duties of the nominated position or occupation and how they relate to the position description in ANZSCO 
  • Employment contract or letter of offer that complies with relevant awards for the nominated occupation or position 
  • Salary surveys, advertisements and payroll reports that relate to equivalent work in the same location 
  • Visa status of the nominee, and information about the nominee’s English language ability, such as English language test results 
  • Invoices or contracts for employee training, training program with course outline, details of investment in industry training funds or bodies 
  • Local job advertisements for the nominated position that were not successfully filed, and the Regional Certifying Body’s certificate issued to the applicant in respect of this position


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