This visa stream is designed for national-level sportspeople, including players, coaches, instructors, judges, and adjudicators, who wish to participate in national-level competitions and training alongside Australian athletes. Here are the key details you need to know:


408 Sports Visa Overview

  • Duration: This visa allows you and your family to stay in Australia for up to 2 years.
  • Eligible Activities: You can play, coach, instruct, adjudicate for an Australian team, or engage in high-level sports training with a recognized sporting organization.
  • Family Inclusion: Members of your family unit can accompany you during your stay.


408 Sports Visa Requirements

To be eligible for this visa, you must:

  • Have a sponsor or supporter.
  • Possess a contract and a letter of support from a peak sporting body.
  • Restrict your work activities to the specified sporting activities.


Sponsorship and Support

  • Supporter: If you apply outside Australia and intend to stay for less than 3 months, you don’t need a sponsor, but you must have a supporter who passes the support test.
  • Sponsor: You need a sponsor who is a temporary activities sponsor if you apply within Australia or intend to stay in Australia for more than 3 months.


Consideration for Sub-National Competitions

Please note that the threshold for satisfying national-level competition is stringent. Organizations competing in sub-national competitions should explore alternative visa options, such as subclasses 400 or 482.


Eligibility Criteria for 408 Sport Visa

To qualify for this stream, you must meet specific criteria as an elite player, coach, instructor, adjudicator, or sports trainee. For all categories, certain common criteria include:

  • Participation in an Australian sporting organization.
  • Invitation by the said organization.
  • A formal agreement between the parties, specifying the role and duration.
  • Endorsement by a national sporting body.

For Elite Players:

Established Reputation: You must have a recognized reputation in your sporting field.


For Coaches, Instructors, and Adjudicators:

Endorsement: You need to be endorsed by an Australian national sporting body, affirming your ability to play, coach, instruct, or adjudicate at the national level or its equivalent.


Eligibility for Sports Trainees

If you are applying as a sports trainee, the following criteria apply:

  • Full-Time Structured Training: You must be engaged in full-time, structured sports training with an internationally recognized sports training organization, aimed at achieving high-performance outcomes.
  • Formal Agreement: You must have a formal agreement with your sporting club or organization in Australia if you’re an elite player, coach, instructor, or adjudicator.
  • Training provided by an Australian sporting organization.
  • Competing at the national level or being endorsed by a peak sports body or demonstrating the potential to compete at the national level.
  • Sponsoring sporting organization must have an international reputation.


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