188C WA

Applicants must meet the nomination crtieria in addition to the criteria of Home Affairs for this visa. In aggregation, applicants must:

  • propose net assets of at least $5 million invested in complying investments as specified by the DHA;
  • agree to re-invest the $5 million complying investments into any Western Australian assets, upon maturity; and
  • applicants and any family members (dependents) residing in Australia are required to live, work and/or study in Western Australia.


Reinvestment into WA

Applicants seeking State nomination for the permanent residency Investor visa subclass 888 and the Significant Investor visa subclass 888 must agree to reinvest their maturing complying investment funds into Western Australian assets and provide details of the investments.


WA State nominated applicant wanting to relocate to another State or Territory policy

Applicants nominated by the Western Australian government seeking to relocate to another State or Territory, will need to submit a formal application stating the reasons for wanting to relocate.

Each application will be assessed on a case by case basis but generally:

  • applicants will need to attend an interview at the Business Migration Centre in Perth, and
  • approval will only be given in exceptional circumstances.


You must submit a complete decision ready application, including all relevant evidence to support your claims or your application may not be selected for nomination when assessed.

If you provide any misleading information in your application, you will not be selected for State nomination and the Department of Home Affairs will be advised so that they can conduct their own investigation.


188C Significant Investor Visa
Australian Investor Visa 
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