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Skilled Migration Tasmania offers various pathways for skilled individuals to apply for state nomination. Each pathway has specific requirements and attributes that candidates must meet.

Meeting the minimum nomination requirements does not guarantee receiving Tasmanian nomination. The Australian Government sets a quota for state nominations each year, which limits the number of candidates that can be selected.

Only the most competitive Registrations of Interest will be invited to apply for nomination.

If you are nominated for a Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa, you will not be eligible for nomination for a permanent Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated visa in the future. The Subclass 491 visa offers a pathway to permanent residency through the Subclass 191 Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa.

If you or any family members (including those who don’t apply for nomination with you) owe fees to Tasmanian Government agencies, such as for education or health, the debt must be paid or arrangements for payment must be made prior to seeking nomination. You will not be eligible for nomination until the debt has been paid or a payment plan has been accepted by the agency.


491 Nomination Pathway in Tasmania

There are different nomination pathways and each has different requirements and priority attributes that will determine your pass colour.


Tasmanian Skilled Employment Pathway

  • You must have been working in Tasmania for at least six months immediately prior to your application.
  • Your employment must average at least 20 hours per week over the six-month period immediately prior to lodging your application.
  • If you have a skills assessment and related employment in an occupation listed on the Tasmanian Onshore Skilled Occupation List (TOSOL) – you may be eligible for nomination after three months of employment.
  • You must currently be living in Tasmania and intend to continue living in Tasmania (your dependents must not be living in another Australian state or territory).
  • Your employment does not need to be related to your skills assessment.


Tasmanian Skilled Graduate Pathway

  • You must have completed a course of study and obtained a letter of completion from a tertiary institution in Tasmania registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
  • You must have lived in the state for at least one calendar year from the commencement of your course and for the duration of your studies.
  • Your course of study must be AQF 5 (Diploma) or higher, or at least Certificate III related to an ANZSCO Major Group 3 or Group 4 occupation, and be listed on CRICOS with a duration of at least 40 weeks.
  • Your course must have been completed full-time and on-site in Tasmania.
  • You must currently be living in Tasmania and intend to continue living in Tasmania.


Tasmanian Established Resident Pathway

  • You must have been living in Tasmania for at least two years (with no more than 50 per cent of total Australian residence period spent in another Australian state or territory) and currently be employed in Tasmania in either:
    • a role equivalent to ANZSCO Skill Level 1-3, including a cumulative six months experience at the same level in the last 12 months (a minimum 20 hours per week), or
    • a role equivalent to ANZSCO Skill Level Skill Level 4 or 5, with a cumulative 12 months experience at the same level or higher in the last 18 months (a minimum 20 hours per week).


Tasmanian Business Operator Pathway

  • You must demonstrate that you have established and operated a business (solely owned or co-owned with spouse) in Tasmania for at least 12 months.
  • Your business must have provided a personal taxable income to you of at least 85 per cent of the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold which is currently set at $70,000.
  • You must show that you have an understanding of the responsibilities and requirements around treating employees fairly by completing key units on the Fair Work Ombudsman’s online learning centre.
  • Owners of massage therapy businesses must have a related skills assessment and a verifiable health fund provider number.
  • Subcontracting business owners are not eligible for consideration in this pathway.


Overseas Applicant (Job Offer) Pathway

  • All occupations are eligible for this pathway.
    • You must have received a formal job offer for a job that is based in Tasmania that is closely related to your nominated occupation.
    • You, or any of your dependents must not have lived in another Australian state or territory within the last 12 months.
    • Your employer must have a well-established business that has been actively operating in Tasmania for at least the past 12 months.
    • Your wages and conditions must be no less favourable than those that would apply to an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and salary or wages must be at least equivalent to the local market salary rate.
    • There must be a genuine and ongoing need for your position within the business and the capacity for the business to sustain your employment.
    • Massage therapist positions must be located in a hospital, aged or disability care setting or an allied healthcare setting such as a physiotherapy clinic.


491 Skilled Regional Visa
Australian Skilled Regional Visa
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