Prospective Marriage Visa Australia: All You Need To Know

Prospective Marriage Visa Australia: All You Need To Know

The Partner visa is the primary means by which Australian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor their spouse or de facto partner for migration to Australia. Nevertheless, these visas pose concerns regarding their complex requirements and considerable evidentiary threshold.

In light of the prerequisites of the Subclass 801 and Subclass 309 partner visas, it may be asked what other options are available to bring your fiancé or fiancée to Australia?

This is where the Prospective Marriage Visa Australia comes into the picture!

Immigration consultants in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and other regions of Australia receive many inquiries about the Prospective Marriage visas, however it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this pathway.


Bare Essentials by our Top Australian Immigration Lawyers

In addition to various general requirements, applicants must have met their partner in person since turning 18 years of age and evidence a genuine intention to marry once the applicant’s visa is approved. Applicants will then be expected to marry their sponsor within the visa validity period, before proceeding with a Subclass 820 visa application at a discounted rate.


What is the cost of a Prospective Marriage Visa Australia Application

The cost for their Prospective Marriage visa application in Australia is $8,085. Upon the eventual marriage in Australia, there will be an additional fee of $1,285 to proceed with a Subclass 820 application.


Expiry of the Visa

A bridging visa is issued upon submitting a valid application for a Subclass 820 Onshore Partner visa before the expiry of the Prospective Marriage visa. The applicant would then continue living in Australia lawfully on the bridging visa until the Department of Home Affairs makes a decision on the Onshore Partner application.

Fortunately, the bridging visa is usually automatically issued upon lodgement of the Onshore Partner visa application, and is activated when the Prospective Marriage visa expires. 

On that note, it should be understood that the bridging visa does not permit the applicant to travel out of Australia without a further application.


Partner Visa Eligibility Check

Conduct a preliminary assessment of your eligibility to apply for an Australian Partner Visa by clicking on this link. Once you have completed and submitted the preliminary assessment, one of our lawyers may contact you to provide guidance every step of the way.


Planning Your Prospective Marriage Visa Australia with Visa Plan

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