Priority Visa Processing for Healthcare and Education Workers

Skilled Visa priority

The restrictions that had been imposed in response to the Covid have been easing significantly with overseas migrants are returning to Australia at a great scale. Nevertheless, a chronic labour shortage remains a huge challenge to our Australian workforce.


Key Statistics

  • Overseas migration 2021-22 – net gain of 170,900 people
  • Migrant arrivals increased 171% to 395,000 from 146,000 arrivals a year ago
  • Migrant departures decreased 3% to 224,000 from 230,900 departures a year ago
  • Net overseas migration in every state and territory increased in 2021-22 when compared with 2020-21


According to a recent announcement by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the portion of people migrating to Australia has increased by 171% as compared to the same month of 2021, while those leaving Australia has decreased by 3%. Whilst these figures appear positive, they are only in relation to the times when the draconian restrictions were in place. These figures will need to continue improving.


Resuming from our previous blog on Ministerial Direction 100, the Department of Home Affairs announced that it would streamline the visa application processes especially the processing times and expedite the processing of high-priority applications.

Under the anticipated changes, the top benefitting group is currently those in healthcare and education sectors with their applications being assessed as quick as three (3) days. In practice, this rapid turnaround does not appear to be the case in all matters of such.

The Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List system has been heavily criticised as being unreasonably time-consuming and complex, and that removal of the PMSOL would allow more applications to be processed faster and more efficiently to address the labour market needs.


Australian Visas with the Priorities


The recently announced priority applies to all eligible passport holders. More changes are anticipated as the Federal Government promises to further evaluate the effectiveness of its list of skilled immigrant occupations.


It is important to note that priority processing does not guarantee that your visa will be approved. You will still need to meet all of the eligibility requirements for the visa and provide all of the necessary supporting documents. However, priority processing may help to expedite the processing of your application.

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