NSW Expression of Interest (EOI) 2023-24

2023-24 NSW Expression of Interest (EOI)

To properly submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for NSW nomination in SkillSelect, you should understand the aspects stated below to make sure your EOI is taken into account for NSW nomination.


Selection of State and Subclass

In order to be eligible for an invitation in NSW, your EOI must have selected a single visa subclass (190 or 491) and the state of nomination of NSW only. If you choose to target multiple visa subclasses or other states (including ‘Any State’), your EOI will not be considered for skilled migration by the NSW State Government.


New Submissions for NSW Nominations

Applicants do not need to create a new EOI for the ongoing program year. Equitable consideration is accorded to all valid EOIs as they currently stand, for the future invitation rounds. The timing at which your EOI applications were submitted does not influence the probability of securing an invitation for NSW nomination.


Valid Documents

It is imperative that all your documents are valid on the day you receive the invitation to apply, and valid for a minimum of five (5) business days following your application for NSW nomination. In the event that any of your documents, have either expired or are set to expire within five (5) business days, you will not meet the eligibility criteria for NSW nomination.


Verification of Points Claimed

Upon receiving an invitation, you will have to substantiate all points claims made in your EOI with valid evidence. This substantiating of evidence must retain its validity for a minimum of five (5) business days subsequent to your application for NSW nomination. Failure to adhere to this requirement will render you ineligible to proceed with further stages with the standing invitation by the NSW State Government.


Skilled Employment Declarations

For NSW nomination. claims of skilled employment can only be after the date on which you were positively assessed to accumulate relevant work experience:

  • Deemed Skilled Date: If your skills assessment includes a specific date on which you are recognized as skilled in your occupation, you are eligible to claim skilled employment only subsequent to that designated date.
  • Date Qualified: In instances where your skills assessment does not specify a deemed skilled date, you are eligible to claim skilled employment only after the successful completion of your qualifying studies in your nominated occupation.

Please be aware that making claims of skilled employment prior to being recognized as skilled by NSW will render you ineligible to accept an invitation for NSW nomination.


Integrity and Adherence

NSW upholds a strict stance towards the submission of fraudulent documents or inaccurate information. Inaccurate or misleading details to NSW will result in the rejection of your application. The ramifications could potentially encompass a permanent ban on future eligibility and a subsequent referral to the appropriate authorities for the purpose of thorough investigation or legal prosecution.


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