NEC Occupations for VETASSESS

NEC occupation

When undergoing a skills assessment with VETASSESS, certain occupations are categorized as ‘nec’ (not elsewhere classified), indicating that these occupations are not specifically identified in any other occupations in the ANZSCO. Applicants. who have qualifications and employment that do not align with distinct titles of the ANZSCO occupations, may consider an occupation ‘nec’ for skills assessment with VETASSESS. Nevertheless, it is crucial to have the thorough understanding of this category before submitting your application.


  • If nominating an ‘nec’ category, you must ensure that your qualifications and employment are highly relevant to one of the occupation titles listed in the ANZSCO description for the particular occupation.
  • Other unique and specific occupation titles that cannot be found listed elsewhere in ANZSCO are also considered on a case-by-case basis as long as they are specialised and related to its ANZSCO Unit Group description.
  • Your employment in these nominated occupations should not better match another ANZSCO code – whether or not it is assessed by VETASSESS.
  • When considering whether to nominate an ‘nec’ occupation, you should review the ANZSCO Sub-Major Group description and determine whether your skills best fit this category.
  • You need to provide a cover letter that justifies the rationale for choosing an ‘nec’ category.
  • You should also provide details of any relevant training or professional development courses undertaken in your specialised field. You can provide this information in your Curriculum Vitae/Resume.


During the assessment of ‘nec’ applications, VETASSESS evaluates each case on their own merits to determine the level of relevance to the classification. For individuals who have uncertainties or questions regarding any aspect of the skills assessment process, we recommend that you speak to professionals like Visa Plan Migration Lawyers.

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