Innovation and Early Career Skills Exchange Pilot

Innovation and Early Career Skills Exchange Pilot
The Innovation and Early Careers Skills Exchange Pilot (IECSEP), as established under the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement, is an exceptional opportunity for UK citizens seeking to advance their professional and innovative careers in Australia. Applications will have to be lodged for Temporary Work (International Relations) (Subclass 403) visas in the Government Agreement stream.


There are two (2) sub-streams under the IECSEP:


  • Early Careers stream: This stream allows applicants to work and stay for a period of up to one (1) year. Applicant must:
    • Be between 21 and 45 years old at the time of application.
    • Hold tertiary qualifications.
    • Have a minimum of 3 months of experience in their current role, with prospective employment in Australia directly related to their current field of work.
    • Have an employer in Australia in an occupation classified under ANZSCO Skill Levels 1-3.


  • Innovation stream: The Innovation stream is primarily for highly skilled and experienced applicants, allowing them to work in Australia for up to three (3) years. Applicants must:
    • Have a demonstrated contribution to innovation.
    • Possess high levels of skill and experience.
    • Have an employer in Australia in an occupation classified under ANZSCO Skill Level 1.

IECSEP applicants are required to have a confirmed job offer in Australia to be eligible to apply and must commit to remaining with the same employer for the duration of the visa.


IECSEP Pilot Program

The IECSEP program is a 2-year pilot initiative and the first IECSEP application round will open on 25 September 2023, and close on 20 November 2023. The allocation of positions will be limited to 1000 for the fiscal year 2023-24, with an additional 2000 positions available in the fiscal year 2024-25.


Financial Requirements for IECSEP

All IECSEP applicants must demonstrate their UK citizenship and provide evidence of adequate financial means to support themselves during their stay in Australia, requiring a minimum of $5,000, in addition to covering the cost of transportation to their destination upon departing Australia.


IECSEP applicants should apply for the Temporary Work (International Relations) subclass 403 visa under the Government Agreement stream. If you are seeking expert assistance, please contact us now!

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