How to fill Form 80

Visa application processes would invariably involve filling out forms. It is therefore essential to answer all questions completely and frankly. A trivial mistake by various reasons, such as misinterpretation of a question, may affect your visa application with delays, or refusals. It is therefore important that you get it right at the first time!

One of the most common forms by the Department of Home Affairs is Form 80 which requests extensive disclosure of a wide range of personal information, including your family members, employment history, residential and travel records. Unfortunately, this form is quite ambiguous and confusing. We have prepared a guide to help you complete Form 80 as correctly and easily as possible.

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Form 80 Part A – Applicant Details

Question 2

This question only applies to people of Chinese descent whose names are written using the Chinese Telegraphic Code. You can answer “No” to this question if you have not or have never used Chinese characters for this purpose.


Question 3

Since English naming conventions do not consider patronymic (отество), for people of Russian descent, patronymic should be disclosed in this question. Do not use a patron in the “Name” field in Question 1.


Form 80 Part C – Identity Documents

Question 14

Include all relevant information from any identification or document as required by your country of citizenship, including birth certificates and other identity documents.


Form 80 Part D – Address and contact details

Question 17

It is crucial to list all residences where you have lived in the last ten years, including full address and postcode. You can provide a more general date, such as a month and year if you cannot remember the precise dates of residency for each address. Line spacing on page 19 is available if additional space is required. Be sure to include your question number in the column provided on this page.


Form 80 Part E – International Travel / Movements

Question 18

It’s essential to list all international travel in the past 10 years, including each country visited. If you are unable to remember the exact dates of your previous travel, you can give a more general date instead. The last page (Part T – additional information) can be used if additional space is required. Be sure to include your question number in the column provided on this page.


Form 80 Part F – Employment

Question 19

It is important to list all the employment you have held throughout your life, not just the gaps in your employment history. All self-employment, unpaid volunteer work, and internships must be disclosed.

Any period in which you were not working must also be disclosed, including previous studies and the period between your birth and your first job. In the first “Name of Business/Company” field, enter “NEVER WORKED” if you have never had a job.

Finally, we strongly advise against using abbreviations for the names of the companies you have worked for. If you are unable to recall specific dates from your previous employment, you may give a more general date instead.


Form 80 Part G – Education

Question 20

Details of all ongoing discontinued and completed education must be recorded, including:

  • Vocational schooling
  • College
  • University
  • Research or thesis
  • Specialist training
  • Trade qualifications

If you are applying for a refugee visa, you must list all your education, including primary and secondary education. You can give months or just years if you are unable to remember the exact dates of your previous education. You can use the lined paper on page 19 if you run out of space.


Form 80 Part H – Proposed Travel or Further Stay

Question 22

Briefly state the purpose of your travel to or continued to stay in Australia. If you are arriving for a specific event or appointment, specify what these are and the date of the event.


Question 25

This question applies only to those applying for a temporary visa within Australia. Briefly state why you want to remain in Australia. This should correspond with the type of visa you are applying for. For example, student visa applicants describe the reason for their stay in relation to their studies.


Form 80 Part K – Character

Question 36

You must answer “yes” to all points under this question that apply to you. For most visa applications, you will be required to provide background checks, meaning any undisclosed criminal records will be discovered by the Department of Home Affairs. Your visa application will be denied if you fill out your Form 80 in a dishonest manner.

Click here for Australian Federal Police Checks.


Form 80 Part L – Military Service

Question 37

Conscription and other mandatory military services must be disclosed, along with any other types of military service. The disclosure must be made regardless of the duration of your service, whether or not you were deployed, or the branch of service.

“Country of deployment” refers to actual military deployment. If you have served on active duty, you must list the countries in which you have served.


Form 80 Part Q – Associated People

All relevant associated persons are required to be disclosed for each question under this part. You must provide as much information about each person as you are aware of.

If you know their year of birth and not the full date, fill in the day and month as “1 January.” Line spacing on page 19 is available if additional space is required. Be sure to include your question number in the column provided on this page.


Question 42

In this question, “partner” is interpreted broadly. For the purposes of this question, you must disclose your boyfriend or girlfriend as a “partner.” If widowed, you must provide details about your deceased partner.


Question 46

If there are any family members making a combined visa application with you, your answer to this question should include their details. Only family members included in your visa application should be disclosed.

If you are travelling as part of a larger group, you do not need to disclose in this question if members of your group are applying for visas individually.


Question 47

There is no obligation to have a “personal contact” in Australia, but if you have a personal contact in Australia, it is important to provide as much information as possible.

If you are applying for a family visa, you should list your sponsor as your personal contact.


Form 80 Part S – Declaration

Question 53

The completed Form 80 must be signed by the visa applicant. Digital signatures are generally accepted in practice. It is usually preferable to provide a physical signature if possible.

By signing this declaration, you declare that the information provided on Form 80 is accurate. Again, providing a misleading or false Form 80 may result in visa denial and serious consequences for future visa applications.


Visa Plan Migration Assistance

We sincerely hope that you are able to complete Form 80, but this is only one part of a much larger process. Self-preparation for a visa application can often be daunting, stressful, and time-consuming. We advise that you seek professional assistance if you are still uncertain about how best to prepare your application.

By consulting an experienced migration solicitor, you can rest assured that you are on the right track.

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