How to Apply for an Australian Investor Visa

How to Apply for an Australian Investor Visa

Wealthy entrepreneurs and those with significant assets may be eligible to apply for an Australia Investor Visa, which offers a pathway to permanent residency in exchange for the making of a proscribed investment.

These visas offer a fantastic opportunity to live and do business in Australia, providing you with access to a major global economy and world class living standards. As is always the case for Australian permanent residency visas, applying as an investor is a complicated process, requiring a great deal of careful preparation and planning.


What is an Investor Visa?

Investor visas fall under the subclass 188 with a pathway to subclass 888 visas, as issued by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs. This two-stage process involves initial grant of a provisional subclass 188 visa, and later transition to the permanent subclass 888 visa.

The criteria for both the provisional and permanent visas are highly complex. It is usually necessary for an applicant to obtain assistance through a range of professional services, including migration solicitors, accountants and investment fund managers, depending on one’s individual circumstances.


Eligibility for an Investor Visa

Investment visas come in three forms;

Whilst many applicants focus on the value of the required investment, it is important to remember that each of the above streams differ in relation to other criteria. Even if you have the funds to make an investment of the requisite value, it is imperative to consult an experienced migration solicitor to confirm your eligibility before you proceed with your application.

Additionally, virtually all investment visas require nomination by an Australian government body. The requirements of these nominations depend on your intended State or Territory of residence, as each participating Australian jurisdiction proscribes their own criteria.  

Finally, each investor visa stream requires applicants to make investments of a proscribed variety. It is important you understand the rules relating to the requisite investment under each stream.


Why Choose a Migration Law Firm for Investor Visas

There is nothing straightforward about applying for permanent residency as an investor. With state nomination requirements, visa criteria, comprehensive investment rules and many other factors, the risk of error is significant. It is therefore extremely important that every step of the application process is handled properly to avoid any risk of visa refusal.

Visa Plan specialises in Australian investor visas, advising both applicants and investment funds on matters of migration law compliance. Our team at Visa Plan are committed to offering the highest quality of personalised professional service.


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