188E VIC

To be eligible for this visa, you must be recommended by an Authorized Recommending Partner (ARP). The program is limited and operates on a referral-only basis.


What is an Authorised Recommending Partner?

An Authorized Recommending Partner is a trusted organization collaborating with the Victorian Government to identify suitable talent for subclass 188E visa nomination. All partners possess extensive knowledge of the start-up sector in Victoria and are well-equipped to identify and recommend exceptional individuals. Recommended candidates will be start-up owners whose businesses have growth potential.

Here are some examples of Authorized Recommending Partners:

  • Hatch Quarter
    Located in Melbourne, Australia, Hatch Quarter is an innovation hub that connects industry, technology, and people. They prioritize data-driven approaches, value diversity and inclusion, and foster connections between local and international communities.
  • Melbourne Accelerator Program
    Established in 2012, the Melbourne Accelerator Program is the first university-aligned accelerator in Australia. Supported by the University of Melbourne, MAP has assisted over 240 start-ups that collectively raised more than $250 million in funding, generated over $250 million in revenue, and created over 1,400 jobs.
  • Translating Research at Melbourne
    Translating Research at Melbourne (TRAM) is a leading University-based research impact accelerator program in Australia. Since its launch in 2016, TRAM has empowered over 700 participants through its programs and workshops, helping researchers transform their approach to research problems and achieve real-world impact.
  • LaunchVic
    LaunchVic serves as Victoria’s primary start-up agency, established by the Victorian Government in 2016. As an independent agency, LaunchVic focuses on fueling the growth of Victoria’s start-up ecosystem by investing in local individuals, fostering their confidence and capabilities to create, scale, and invest in start-ups.


To qualify for the visa, you must provide a business plan or pitch detailing your entrepreneurial activities, which can also be the same document used to secure third-party financing. Your proposed activity should bring benefits to Victoria, which is assessed with reference to the following factors:

  • The nature of the innovation involved in your proposed activities.
  • Potential economic contributions of your proposed activities to Victoria.
  • Whether the innovation addresses a specific need in a Victorian industry or sector
  • Creation of potential employment opportunities for Victorians
  • Registration of a patent, design, or trademark


You must demonstrate that either the organization funding your enterprise has operations in Victoria or your entrepreneurial activity will be conducted in Victoria. Additionally, you need to show sufficient funds to cover your settlement costs in Victoria and provide evidence of a genuine intention to reside in the state.


To transition to Subclass 888E, you must have resided in Victoria for at least two out of the last four years. It is also necessary to provide evidence of your ongoing commitment to living in Victoria.


188E Entrepreneur Visa
Australian Business Innovation Visa
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