188E NSW


Applicants must be under the age of 55 years.


Your Background

To meet the requirement, you need to show that you possess one of the following qualifications:

  • A solid background in the specific area related to your product or service, or
  • A solid background in business or entrepreneurial activities.


Entrepreneur Program

To fulfill the condition, you must receive acceptance from a Startup Accelerator Program or Startup Incubator Program based in NSW. The programs include (but are not limited to):


Funding from a third Party

You must demonstrate that you have obtained sufficient funding from an authorized entity to successfully carry out your project. Authorized entities may include:

  • Commonwealth Government agency
  • NSW government agency
  • Publicly funded research or innovation organisation
  • Higher education provider specified as a Table A or Table B provider under Part 2-1 of the Higher Education Support Act 2003, or
  • Investor registered as an Australian Venture Capital Limited Partnership or Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership


Business Proposal

Your business proposal should clearly indicate the following points:

  • The distinctive features of your product or service compared to existing offerings in NSW.
  • How your innovative ideas will contribute to the advancement of NSW.
  • Your strategy for commercializing your product or service and establishing your enterprise or business in NSW.

Additionally, you need to provide clear evidence that you have:

  • Completed a proof of concept, such as conducting customer interviews, surveys, or focus groups.
  • Identified a potential business customer (B2B) or a business channel for marketing (B2C).
  • Developed a scalable solution that can be deployed to multiple customers.
  • Possess the intellectual property (IP) or the necessary rights to commercialize your offering.


Living and Working in NSW

Applicants must genuinely and realistically commit to residing and working in NSW on a permanent basis, while actively contributing to the state through entrepreneurial activity.

Your proposed business must fulfill the following requirements:

  • It must have its headquarters located in NSW.
  • It must be registered with an ABN (Australian Business Number) in NSW.


Registering your interest in NSW nomination

Currently, NSW is not accepting new applications.


Important Information to Incomplete Applications

When applying to NSW, it is crucial to submit a comprehensive application with all the necessary supporting evidence to demonstrate your eligibility.


Respond to Request for Further Information

If you are required additional information to assess your application:

  • You will have a two-week period to provide the requested information.
  • Failure to respond within two weeks may lead to the refusal of your application.


Withdrawing your application

You have the option to withdraw your application at any stage.


Providing false or misleading information

If you provide false or misleading information during your application to NSW, your application will be refused. Additionally, NSW may report such cases to Home Affairs for further investigation.



NSW will not renominate applicants where:

  • You fail to apply to Home Affairs for the visa within 60 days.
  • Your Expression of Interest (EOI) was inaccurate at the time of NSW nomination.


188E Entrepreneur Visa
Australian Business Innovation Visa
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