Global Talent – Non-target Sector

In this financial year of 2023 – 24, the Department announced to allow 300 intakes for general distinguished visas which fall outside the target sectors. This number is the same as the previous year of 2022-23. To qualify, candidates must:

  • Be nominated by an Australian citizen, permanent resident or organisation with an international reputation in the same field as the global talent visa applicant
  • Have an exceptional ongoing record of achievements in their field
  • Prove that they are of benefit to the Australian community, whether economic, social, cultural, academic, artistic or sports
  • Prove that they are able to establish themselves in Australia
  • Be aged between 18 and 54 years inclusive, unless exemptions apply
  • Have functional English skills


858 Visa Nomination

The person or organisation providing the nomination must have a national-level reputation in the same field as the candidate. When in doubt, the credentials of the nominator will be investigated by the Department, often via consultation with a peak national body associated within the area of achievement.


Record of Achievement

Relevant fields may be broad to include sports, arts, professions, academia and research. To be exceptional, candidates must be ranked at the top internationally and recognised in a number of countries, including Australia.

Moreover, their level of achievement must continue to be sustained and pure reliance on past achievements is insufficient for these visas to be granted. For this reason, retirees, particularly in relation to sports, would not qualify for Distinguished talent visa.

The Department, when evaluating the application of a sportsperson, will consider various factors, including but not limited to:

  • National and international rankings
  • Competition and tournament results
  • Statements from international sporting bodies
  • Sporting scholarships received
  • Media articles attesting to the applicant’s achievements

In addition to the above, candidates may qualify for such distinguished talent visa wherein they have aided Australia in matters of intelligence and national security. This requires a recommendation by senior intelligence officials of the Australian Security and Intelligence Office.


The benefit to the Australian community

Your presence in Australia must be likely to benefit Australia as a whole. These benefits may be economic, social or cultural. This also means that if your field is of a nature that is not generally acceptable in Australia, your application is most likely to fail on this ground.

The benefit to Australia must be real and not purely based on conjecture. The precise nature of the benefit will be dependent on your field of expertise. For example, a sportsperson might be expected to raise the standard of competition domestically, or a prominent academic may increase Australia’s reputation within a particular field of study. 


Able to Establish Oneself

The Department must be satisfied that candidates will be able to find work and become independently established in the relevant field in Australia. This requires a detailed plan as to how they intend to continue in the area of achievement once the global talent visa or the distinguished talent visa has been granted and will support themselves through the related activities.

Income from work outside the area of achievement cannot be included in the application for this visa.


858 Global Talent Visa
Australian Global Talent Visa


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