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188B, 188C

188C SIV Soon to be Abolished

188 SIV soon to be Abolished

Visa Plan is a firm of Australian migration lawyers who place their utmost focus on client satisfaction and providing top quality service. Visa Plan was founded with a mission to set a new standard for integrity and quality of service in the Australian migration industry. By focusing on the client experience, our team of dedicated, skilled …

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Australian Investor Visa Lawyers

Australian Investor Visa Lawyers

The Australian investor visa scheme, encompassing Australian Investor Visas and Significant Investor Visas, is arguably the most complex visa program available for prospective migrants. Its plethora of rules and regulations dictate in minute details how an investment ought to be made and which funds may be invested.   Funds for Investor Visas For our purposes …

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188B and 188C Rules

188 visa

188B Rules and 188C Rules Both the Investor and Significant Investor streams of the Subclass 188 visa offer many advantages to aspiring business skilled migration applicants. Whilst attracting a higher investment threshold, these streams exempt prospective applicants from many of the criteria applicable to the Business Innovation stream. In particular, permanent residency under these streams …

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SIV Overview

SIV Overview

The Subclass 188 and 888 Significant Investment Visas are amongst the most complex permanent residency pathways Australia has to offer.

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