188A VIC

Innovation Capability

In your SkillSelect Expression of Interest and your nomination application, you must demonstrate your ability to innovate by demonstrating one of the following:

  • your primary overseas business has an annual turnover of $1,750,000 or more, or
  • you have claimed 10 SkillSelect points for a bachelor’s degree in business, science or technology, or
  • you have any business innovation qualification claimed in your EOI (excluding business ownership with more than 50% of turnover in export trade).



At the time of your visa application, you must be less than 55 years old.


Business History

The SkillSelect EOI indicates that you have at least three years of experience in the running of a business. A summary of your current business or related business experience including the following may be required by the Victorian Government:

  • The products or services sold by the business,
  • current business name, address, and website (if available),
  • annual turnover,
  • the client profile of the business (who does your business sell to),
  • the purpose of the business “e.g., to provide software solutions that are more efficient, effective and user friendly to sole traders”.
  • photographs of the products/services, and photographs of the place of business.



You must have achieved at least 65 points test for your EOI in SkillSelect.


Business Proposal

You must have expertise within your area of specialization in the proposed business. This shall be demonstrated over a period of at least three years of highly relevant business experience.

  • You must propose to engage in eligible business activity in Victoria

You must propose to engage in eligible business activity that is highly relevant to your recent business experience.


Job Creation

  • Your firm will have to prove that it creates jobs in Victoria.
  • You must have at least two full time employees, if not the Department Home Affairs may reject your subclass 888A.

Exemption: If your eligible business’s turnover is at least A1 million per year for the two years preceding an application for permanent residence, this requirement of job creation may be waived.


$500,000 investment in eligible Victorian enterprises

  • To meet the nomination requirements for the (Subclass 888) Business Innovation visa in Victoria, you need to present proof of business investment totalling at least $500,000 in your Victorian business/es for a consecutive 1-year period prior to your application.
  • Additionally, you will need to submit a balance sheet covering the past 2 years, demonstrating that the value of your investment has been maintained at $500,000 or more throughout the 1-year period leading up to your Subclass 888 visa nomination application.


English Language Skills

At the time of your Victorian (subclass) 888 visa nomination application, you must provide evidence that you or your spouse have one of the following:

  • Functional English at time of your nomination application, or
  • documentation showing that you have completed any English course funded by the Department Home Affairs
  • An applicant with a High Performing Victorian Businesswill have the English skills requirement waived. Please see the section below on what is considered a High Performing Victorian Business.


High Performing Victorian Business

Owners of a High Performing Victorian Business are exempt from the English Language requirements when applying for Victorian (subclass) 888 visa nomination.

Your business will be considered a High Performing Victorian Business if you are able to provide evidence of both of the following:

  • 6 or more full-time employees (or equivalent part-time employees) employed in the eligible Victorian business/es for no less than 6 months prior to nomination application, and
  • turnover of at least $A 2 million per annum for the last 1 year immediately before the 888A nomination application.


Your nomination obligations

You must digitally sign and comply with the Nomination Conditions Form.


Commitment to Victoria

State nomination cannot be transferred from one state to another. If you receive Victorian nomination, you must live in Victoria and your business activity must be in Victoria.


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