188A SA

Candidates interested in a Subclass 188A SA must submit an ‘Intention to apply’ (ITA) for consideration. High-quality applicants who can create genuine and sustainable business opportunities in South Australia may receive an invitation to apply for state nomination. In 2022-23, Skilled & Business Migration has prioritized applications from candidates with proven experience in their proposed business and can demonstrate that their proposal exceeds the minimum investment criteria.


To meet the nomination requirements of 188A SA, you must:

  • Intend to reside in South Australia.
  • Score a minimum of 80 points in the Department of Home Affairs’ points test.
  • Provide a business plan that outlines the viability and economic impact of your proposal in South Australia.
  • If proposing an export business in South Australia, demonstrate proven export experience and relevant expertise in the products being exported.
  • Propose an investment and/or business activity in South Australia that aligns with the “benefit to state requirements” for the subclass 888 Business Innovation stream of South Australian state nomination.
  • Applicants aged 55 years or older at the time of invitation must demonstrate that the proposal will bring exceptional economic benefits to South Australia by meeting a higher investment threshold.


Additional Information

  • The choice of investment and/or business activity is based on the applicant’s preference. However, a business solely involved in selling imports (including importing products from other states or territories in Australia to South Australia) will require substantial justification to demonstrate its benefit to the state.
  • Support for an application to extend the subclass 188 visa to the Department of Home Affairs is at the discretion of Skilled & Business Migration.
  • Approval for a proposed business undertaking property development is subject to the discretion of Skilled & Business Migration for Subclasses 188 and 888.
  • South Australia will carefully manage the demand levels for certain business investments, including but not limited to cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, beauty salons, service stations, and retail stores.
  • It is strongly recommended that applicants seek professional legal and financial advice before engaging in any business or investment activity.
  • Nomination is entirely at the discretion of the Government of South Australia. Meeting the minimum published requirements does not guarantee nomination.
  • Duplicate applications will be automatically rejected.
  • Each application will be assessed based on its merits and the broader benefit it brings to South Australia.
  • Written approval must be obtained from Skilled & Business Migration to change the business proposal of an approved State nomination application. Failure to obtain approval will result in the refusal of an application for subclass 888 endorsement.


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