Other Education Manager ANZSCO

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Source from: https://labourmarketinsights.gov.au/occupation-profile/other-education-managers?occupationCode=1344


Job Summary of this Unit Group:

Other Education Managers plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate educational policy, and provide advice and educational and administrative support to staff and students in educational institutions.


Requisite Education:

Bachelor degree or higher qualification and at least five years of relevant experience.


Whether the Education can be substituted with experience:

  • In some instances, relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualification.


Detailed Tasks:

  • coordinating the educational, administrative and financial affairs of an educational institution or department within the institution
  • researching, developing, implementing, reviewing and evaluating educational and administrative policy
  • liaising between educational institutions, parents and the wider community
  • providing advice on policy and procedures to staff and students
  • consulting with academic and administrative staff to coordinate educational programs
  • identifying and addressing present and future needs for student and staff development
  • researching educational systems and monitoring and evaluating new developments
  • researching and reporting on students’ needs arising from curriculum implementation
  • developing and delivering training programs for teachers


134411 Faculty Head ANZSCO

Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the educational and administrative aspects of a department, faculty or school within a university or other tertiary education institution.

Skill Level: 1

Skilled Occupations List: Long Term


  • Dean (University)
  • Head Teacher (TAFE)


134412 Regional Education Manager ANZSCO

Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates educational approaches and policy, and curriculum resources and development for preschool, primary, middle or intermediate school, secondary, TAFE or polytechnic teachers and administrators.

Skill Level: 1

Skilled Occupations List: Regional


  • School Administrator

Caveat 10:

The position is not located in regional Australia (within the meaning of subregulation 5.19(16) of the Regulations).


134499 Education Managers nec ANZSCO

This occupation group covers Education Managers not elsewhere classified.

Skill Level: 1

Skilled Occupations List: Short Term

Occupations in this group include:

  • Polytechnic Registrar
  • Project Coordinator (Education)
  • TAFE Registrar
  • University Registrar


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