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Job Summary of this Unit Group:

Medical Scientists conduct medical tests to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and health conditions.


Requisite Education:

Bachelor degree or higher qualification


Whether the Education can be substituted with experience:

  • In some instances, relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification.


Detailed Tasks:

  • preparing tissue sections for microscopic examination
  • examining and analysing samples to study the effects of microbial infections
  • developing techniques to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and respiratory or sleep disorders
  • advising Medical Practitioners on the interpretation of tests and methods used in  diagnosis and treatment
  • setting up the steps and rules of medical testing
  • operating and maintaining laboratory and testing equipment
  • maintaining laboratory and testing quality assurance and safety standards
  • preparing scientific papers and reports


234611 Medical Laboratory Scientist ANZSCO

Conducts medical laboratory tests to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Registration or licensing is required.

Skill Level: 1

Skilled Occupations List: Long Term

Alternative Titles:

  • Hospital Scientist
  • Medical Scientific Officer


  • IVF Embryologist


234612 Respiratory Scientist ANZSCO

Conducts lung function tests to support the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and sleep disorders, in consultation with other medical professionals.

Skill Level: 1

Skilled Occupations List: N/A


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