190 Victorian Invitations – August 2021

190 Invitation

The Victorian Government issued 170 invitations to apply for subclass 190 visa nomination in the month of August 2021. The invitations were sent to the best candidates working in the six (6) target sectors. The Health sector featured strongly securing 38%.

SectorLowest points to date*Top occupations
Advanced Manufacturing95

Mechanical Engineer

Engineering Technologist

Electrical Engineer


Food Technologist

Mechanical Engineer

Engineering Technologist


Medical Practitioners NEC

Resident Medical Officer / Physiotherapist

Occupational Therapist

Life Sciences95

Secondary School Teacher

Food Technologist

Chemical Engineer

Medical Research90

Software Engineer

Biomedical Engineer / Industrial Engineer / Life Scientist NEC

New Energy, Emissions Reduction and Circular Economy95

Electrical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Developer Programmer / Engineering Technologist

You may refer to the Points Calculator on this page.

Should you wish to discuss your prospects for Victorian invitations for 190 or 491 visas, please contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced lawyers at Visa Plan!


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